Céline 41756 Thin (ZZ Top)

 In Our Sunglasses

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? We have. We fell hard as soon as we saw Céline 41756 Thin (ZZ Top). And that must be what happened to Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and blogger Sabrina Meijer from AfterDRK, who have all been seen wearing these sunnies on different occasions.

Céline is one of the favorite brands of stylists, fashionistas and digital influencers everywhere, who delight in the magical minimalistic aura suffusing everything created by Phoebe Philo. These futuristic yet timeless shades are perfect for those looking for a bold accessory that will instantly update their look and add an avant-gardist flair to any outfit. A model that blends the mystique of men’s sunglasses from the ‘60s, the daring imagination of ‘80s designers and that unique, distinctive Philo touch.


Now for some pictures for inspiration! And remember, they are available with express shipping.



Kim Kardashian

céline 41756 kim kardashian 06

céline 41756 kim kardashian 05

céline 41756 kim kardashian 08  -onlylens

céline 41756 kim kardashian 03

céline 41756 kim kardashian 04_onlylens

Kendal Jenner

céline 41756 kendall jenner

Sabrina Meijer

céline 41756 blogger 2


Miley Cyrus

céline 41756 miley cyrus

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