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Which DITA models do they choose?

It is not a secret that DITA eyewear is popular among many famous people. Thus, Usher collection of DITA sunglasses count many pairs including here such legendary models as Grandmaster One, Grandmaster Two, Mach One series, etc.

Let’s check whom else from celebrities has been spotted recently in DITA frames!


Usher in DITA Journey

Usher wearing DITA Journey frames in Tokyo

DITA Journey

About the Journey

JOURNEY represents the combination of two disparate yet iconic 1970’s fashion trends and the creative journey that ensued is what inspired this magnificent frame’s name. An almost-round shape is a a kind of face-friendly interpretation of John Lennon’s famous frame. The combination of its diamond pressed eye rims and polished brow bar are reminiscent of the ubiquitous gold chains that were undeniably the decade’s quintessential men’s fashion accessory. Combining the best of yesterday and today, JOURNEY is a truly timeless original.

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DITA Eyewear

Niki Minaj in DITA Narcissus

DITA Narcissus

About the Narcissus

NARCISSUS probes the complicated interplay of two 1980s cultural phenomena that continue to reverberate in contemporary society: the embrace of angular, directional silhouettes in fashion and the rapid shift from analog to digital technology; and the bold, muscular proportions of 80s-era womenswear and accessories—silhouettes that tinkers with traditional concepts of power and subverted gender roles.

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DITA Axial

Antoni Porowski in Dita Axial frames

Dita Axial

About the Axial

AXIAL is inspired by the glimmering brass and mirrored components of enlightenment-era scientific instruments, a sophisticated aviator that represents the optimal blending of form and function.

In order to achieve AXIAL’s carefully considered footprint, which is smaller than the traditional aviator, DITA devised a series of groundbreaking techniques to ensure the frame’s precision mechanics would match the appeal of its architecture.

More Axial models here

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