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Cartier Panthere

Cartier Panthere Sunglasses Collection for Women

What do you know about Cartier Pantere collection? – Only a few people knew in 1914 that Louis Cartier took his inspiration panther decor from Jeanne Toussaint, or ”la panthere”. By the way, the jeweller’s muse was the woman of impeccable taste sported bobbed hair, endless strands of pearls and a cigarette-holder held defiantly high. She also nurtured a passion for this most graceful of felines. Crouched, standing, poised to pounce, the panther appears in multiple poses…

Thus, Cartier returns to this theme for a collection of powerful and audacious eyewear where the panther becomes the true symbol of triumphant sensuality.

New Pantere sunglasses collection by Cartier is very feminine full of freedom, journeys and beautiful sunsets.

Cartier Panthere sunglasses
Cartier Panthere sunglasses
Pantere Cartier sunglasses
Cartier Santos sunglasses

Cartier Santos Sunglasses Collection for Men

In 1904 the Louis Cartier creates one of the first watch on a leather strap in order that his friend, the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, could read the time while at the commands of his plane.

Santos de Cartier saga began, a watch collection in the style of this visionary and elegant character.

Thus, 1978 saw the launch of the first Santos de Cartier to match gold with steel. Thus, its screw decor rapidly became a symbol that Cartier would add to numerous product lines. Screw decor symbolises an encounter between two moments in time: progress and tradition.

New Santos Collection by Cartier is full of romantic moments and adventures.

Cartier Santos
Cartier Santos

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