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Materials and Cartier expertise

Cartier materials

Cartier sunglasses. As a jeweller of eyewear, Cartier applies the same procedures as with its jewellery pieces. Its craftsman-like approach places the material at the heart of the creative process.


Cartier Acetate

Acetate, a cellulose-based material, is worked at Cartier in the same way as wood, horn or gold.


A delicate craft process, lacquering consists of depositing the lacquer by hand with a brush or a syringe into a recesses hollowed from the metal. Lacquered piece is then over-dried for three hours. Then lacquerer goes on to grind and polish the piece, before diamond-polishing it, until the lacquerer is truly levelled. This jewellery skill is used in the production of the panther head in the ‘Panthere Wild de Cartier’ frame where each of the animal’s spots is crafted from black lacquer made flush with the metal.


Cartier Wood













Among the pioneers in the use of wood in eyewear, Cartier began using this material in 1992. Noble, it requires many skilled interventions such as cutting, polishing, machining and finally varnishing, which gives it a shiny appearance and protects the surface. Each temple consists of 12 thin layers of wood glued and pressed together in a process called lamination used by Cartier to maximize the strength of each frame.


It can measure up to a meter but only a very small part of the horn meets Cartier’s criteria in terms of quality and aesthetics. The construction of thin strips layered crosswise ensures quality, resistance to warping and the stability of each frame.

Solid Gold

Cartier Solid gold









Cartier has an independent workshop in the Manufacture where work with precious metal in carried out. All Cartier solid gold frames are 18 carats. Cartier uses 3 tones of gold, worked with extreme thinness and delicacy.

Jewellery and High-jewellery

Forever passionate about its art, Cartier transforms its jewellery eyewear into true masterpieces.


Sunglasses Collections

Must de Cartier

Must de Cartier sunglasses

Launched in the 80th during a historic night in Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia, the eyewear collection formerly known as Vendome took off on a legendary career from the outset.

The first luxury frames were a global phenomenon, identifiable by the precious Cartier codes which characterise them: aviator shape, lightweight hooped frames highlighted with three Cartier gadroons, a capital C on the wings and the trademark burgundy colour.

The new Must de Cartier collection is inspired by these codes and modernized with new shapes and noble materials.

Panthere de Cartier

Panthere de Cartier sunglasses

Only a handful of people knew in 1914that Louis Cartier had taken his inspiration panther decor from Jeanne Toussaint, or ”la panthere”. The jeweller’s enlightened muse, this woman of impeccable taste sported bobbed hair, endless strands of pearls and a cigarette-holder held defiantly high. She also nurtured a passion for this most graceful of felines. Crouched, standing, poised to pounce, the panther appears in multiple poses…

Cartier returns to this theme for a collection of powerful and audacious eyewear in which the panther becomes the true emblem of triumphant sensuality.

Panthere de Cartier Pilot Limited edition

          Panthere de Cartier Pilot Limited Edition Metal Smooth Gold with Finish Blue

Santos de Cartier

In 1904 the Louis Cartier creates one of the first watch on a leather strap so that his friend, the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, could read the time while at the commands of his plane.

Santos de Cartier saga began, a watch collection in the style of this visionary and elegant character.

Santos de Cartier

1978 saw the launch of the first Santos de Cartier to match gold with steel. Its screw decor rapidly became a symbol that Cartier would adapt to numerous product lines. Screw decor symbolises an encounter between two moments in time: progress and tradition.

C Decor

C Decor Cartier


Slim, elongated, taut, the C Decor makes possible the subtle, sober structure of these frames, the result of painstaking diamond machining and polishing.

Extending to sunglasses and prescription models, the C Decor gives the eyewear a true signature and transforms it into a unique and precious object.

A marriage of contrasts – straight lines and curves, smooth and sharp – the C Decor is the perfect illustration of how Cartier uses time-honoured expertise in the most modern way.

Double C de Cartier

Double C Amy de Cartier



Being created 100 years ago, the Cartier C never ceases to surprise. “Going back to its original aspect it now can be seen on Cartier’s acetate eyewear.”

It enhances feminine frames with an emblematic sign with precious finishes. A subtle openwork in the everlasting Cartier quality tradition which gives the frame an exceptionally brilliant and clear signature.

Trinity de Cartier

Trinity Ruban Organza Cartier


The trinity de Cartier eyewear collection invents a new Parisian attitude, reflecting a sparkling and feminine vision of Cartier style.

This collection of sunglasses and optical glasses radiates with its precious assets.

From the side, the temples present the tree interlinking Cartier bands. This iconic Cartier jewellery feature creates a sensual look with pink, white and yellow golden finishes.

Eyewear that lights up the wearer’s allure with a spruce sophistication, enhanced by the lacquered red of acetate and its deep and irresistible shine.



Collection Premiere Cartier


A three “beats” Cartier signature, inspired from the 30’s jazz atmosphere.

Three tubes, allusion to the famous jazzmen instruments’ pistons: trumpet, tuba and other brass.

Collection Premiere, a new decor, a new music’s score composed with the utmost care. Precious finishes: a ruthenium tonality or a golden/platinum duo provide tempo and style to this unprecedented Cartier Eyewear creation.




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