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If you put the names of Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi and Thierry Lasry together, something interesting is bound to happen. Lagerfeld is one of the most prolific designers of the two latest centuries; Fendi is a traditional but recently renewed fashion firm; and Thierry Lasry is the new darling in the eyewear industry.

Lagerfeld, with his talent for reinvention, has signed the most brilliant star in the fashion firmament as the designer of a capsule collection for Fendi. Thierry Lasry is considered to be much more than a mere sunglasses manufacturer and Fendi’s Creative Director knew the collaboration would be a great success. The presentation party was attended by the crème de la crème of the industry and now everyone is dying to be seen wearing Fanny or Sylvy.

These are the names of the two models Lasry has designed for Fendi, and each one is presented in two colors. The four styles are inspired by some pieces Sylvia Venturini Fendi made for the brand in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Their creation involves mixing different layers of acetate to create geometric patterns. Lasry has brought “further energy and vibration” to the firm and has created ultra-feminine designs in keeping with his “futuristic vintage” philosophy.

The Fanny model features bold acetate frames in a cat-eye style while Sylvy features equally wide frames with a square shape.





Fendi Fanny 0105/S by Thierry Lasry

Front decorated with a grey and lilac geometric pattern and transparent tapered coloured posts. Smoky grey lenses.



Fendi Fanny 0105/S

Front decorated with a red and yellow geometric pattern and transparent tapered coloured posts. Smoky brown lenses.





Fendi Sylvy 0106/S

Contrast coloured pattern of pink and brown. Slightly transparent moulded piping. Smoky brown lenses.



Fendi Sylvy 0106/S by Thierry Lasry

Font characterised by a contrast coloured pattern of orange and grey tones. Slightly transparent moulded piping. Smoky grey lenses.


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