7 Ray-Ban you’ve seen on action movies

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It is hard to imagine great characters of cinema without their sunglasses. What Will Smith would be without his glasses in Men in Black or  what about the Blues Brothers without those big wayfarer? All these characters would lose their personality and essence that defines them. Over time, sunglasses have gained increasing prominence in Hollywood, to the point of becoming an essential complement in the films.

We show you the seven models of Ray-Ban that have become cultural icons.

Ray-Ban aviator in Back to the Future

tumblr_mchy3h3eLk1rvjt2vo1_500 tumblr_mchy3h3eLk1rvjt2vo2_500 tumblr_mchy3h3eLk1rvjt2vo3_500

Ray-Ban Wayfarer in The Blues Brothers


Ray-Ban Kalichrome in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster in Reservoir Dogs

reservoir-dogs-tim-roth tumblr_n0rjhw9oE81qdhbw4o1_500

Round Ray-Ban in Natural Born Killers

MSDNABO EC020natural-born-killers-511761b53aa56

Ray-Ban 2030 Predator in Men in Black

tumblr_mugs8cOq7O1s55v7fo1_500will-smith-as-agent-j-in-men-in-black-1997 (1)

Ray-Ban Caravan in Taxi Driver



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