5 reasons to wear sunglasses in winter

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Winter is coming and slowly we are adapting to it. We say goodbye to the bikini and the sandals and we began to remove their coats and blankets from the closets. It’s a new season and we have to be prepared to receive it.
The sunglasses are not just an add style and beauty, they are primarily a shield that protects our eyes from harmful sun rays. Some people think that sunglasses are only for the summer, but they are not. Here are five reasons why we should continue wearing sunglasses in winter.

1. The ultraviolet rays. It is true that in summer the sunshine feels with more strength, however, ultraviolet rays are not going to disappear in the cold months, they are always there. So we have to protect our eyes from them. Carrera sunglasses are perfect to wear them all the year. They have a modern and youthful design and they offer much comfort. Celebrities from around the world as Brad Pitt or Rita Ora wear them.



2. The snow. Everybody loves the snow in winter but the reflex of the rays of the sun on the snow can significantly affect our eyes, even more than the effect of the sun on a hot summer day. It’s very important that people who practice mountain sports protect their eyes. Arnette sunglasses have a youthful and dynamic design. They are perfect for winter sports.

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3. Dry eyes. In winter the wind is very cold and it can dry our eyes. The ophthalmologists warn that have dry eyes may allow the emergence of eye infections. The sunglasses protect our eyes from the wind. Vuarnet, the French sunglasses brand, offers a lenses with a great visual comfort of high resistance.

vuarnet-vl0120  vuarnet-vl1311

4. Rainy days with sun. They are very nice because the rainbow comes and the sky seems to take a special gray. However, the visibility is reduced and the reflected sunlight on the ground or in the water can cause that we are exposed to glare. Dragon sunglasses combine design and utility. They are made of the  highly resistant materials and they are are perfect for wearing them on the beach, in the mountain and in the city.

dragon-experience-ii dragon-wormser

5. Drive safe. If the sun gives us straight in the eyes it can be uncomfortable but also very dangerous because it can cause us vision loss with visual effects for our health and for road safety. If you drive you always must wear your sunglasses. There is no best sunglasses for driving that the Serengeti sunglasses. They are the most powerful and best-developed lenses. They protect against sunlight and as they are photochromic, they are adapted to the light.

serengeti-maestrale serengeti-merano

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