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Last year, Bulgari celebrated its 130th anniversary. In 1884, the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari (Sotirios Voulgaris) opened a jewelry shop in Rome. Thanks to his exceptional skills as a craftsman and his unique business vision, he succeeded in making his firm the epitome of Italian luxury. His sumptuous designs, his bold use of color and the unexpected volumes of his jewelry helped his creations to quickly become items coveted by the wealthy.

One of the hallmarks of the brand is the reinterpretation of the most emblematic symbol of Rome. In fact, the “V” in the “BVLGARI” logo is a tribute to its Latin past, introduced during the renovation of the flagship store in 1934.

The snake is one of the most recognizable Bulgari icons and is included in the jewelry, watch and handbag collections. A symbol of eternity and wisdom, this animal was revered not only in ancient Rome, but also in the Egyptian, Chinese and Greek empires. Its elegance and mystery has stood the test of time and today it has become a sign of modernity and luxury in Bulgari designs. Bulgari has created a collection of sunglasses, Serpenti, which celebrates the powerful symbolism of the snake.

Although the empire now produces collections including accessories, perfumes and watches, ultimately, Bulgari is a luxury jewelry company. All its pieces, including sunglasses, are produced with the same philosophy. You won’t be wearing a simple pair of shades. If you choose Bulgari, you’ll be protecting your eyes with an exquisite piece that transmits a reverence for the past, the highest quality craftsmanship and an opulent, yet timeless sense of style.


Bulgari 8104 in black

Bulgari 8104 in black

Butterfly sunglasses that pay homage to the emblematic colored enamel Serpenti bracelet watch created by the firm in the 1960s. Bold chromatic details from original archive drawings have been incorporated into the temples, while the large multi-colored snake skin scales are the ultimate luxurious touch.


Bulgari 8114 in striped honey

Bulgari 8114 in striped honey

Another Serpenti model that reminds us of the enamel Serpenti bracelet watch, an icon in the history of jewelry. In this case, the caramel tone and round frames make these sunglasses perfect for sophisticated ladies looking for accessories with the colors of summer.


Bulgari 8155 in green fantasy

Bulgari 8155 in green fantasy

Our third selection from the Serpenti collection is a pair of oversized square sunglasses in bright green and turquoise. The choice of colors is typical of the bold tones that have become the Bulgari signature.


Bulgari 8134k black

Bulgari 8134 k black

Although these sunglasses belong to a different collection called Le Gemme, this oversized cat-eye acetate model also makes reference to the iconic Serpenti. The temples and front feature 18 k yellow gold plated scales.


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